About Us

About Cashback4x:

We are a very professional team who is committed in providing its customers with high quality online trading services. We always believe in new ideas and strategies. Our customers' feedback is our inspiration for improvement.

How to earn:

 When you open a trading account through us we earn a commission from your broker for each trade you place. From this commission we in turn pay you cash for each trade you place. Your spreads and trading conditions DO NOT change, they remain the same as if you had opened an account directly with the broker. The only difference is that a client that opens their account through us gets extra cash for each trade. As the largest and most sought after broker marketing tool on the web and with volume far exceeding all other rebate providers combined, Cashback4x delivers unparalleled rebate rates and service and will beat any competitor rate. If you have any questions please contact our 24 hour support staff via email, live chat.

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