How Do I Start Earning Rebates?

  • To start earning rebates, register a free Cashback4x account.  

  • After registering, view the broker comparison table or any other broker listing page on our site, and click on the broker you either want to open a trading account with or already have an account with.

  • If you are opening a new account follow the new account instructions, if you have an existing account you should follow the existing accounts instructions if they are present.  If they are not present please contact our support staff for further instructions.

  • You will receive a cash distribution for your earnings at least once per month, for more detailed information please see the payments faq.

    * The rebate process varies by broker and depends on whether you have an existing account or will open a new account.  Some processes are very easy while others require slightly more action such as closing all trades, etc.  Fortunately, the small amount of effort is worthwhile because you only have to complete the rebate process once and you will then earn cash on each trade for the entire remainder of the life of the account.

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