*Cashback4x rebate deal

Cashback4x is normally 0.6 pips per round trip with Fibo Group. Check below for specific spreads and rebates across all products available with this broker.

You must put “ IB_Cashback4x” in the account sign up form (where did you hear about us section) to be tracked to us for rebates.

Fibo Group’s own Broker Intro

The FIBO trade mark has existed in the market since 1998. During this period, FIBO grew from one company to become a network of companies consolidated under the name of IFH FIBO Group. During the years of its existence, IFH FIBO Group has established firm credential as a company of fine repute. We have a very many partners, including well-known and well-established institutions such as MF Global, UBS, Bawag Bank, Alfa bank, and IG Markets.

Fibo Group’s own summary

• Instant Execution Technology: trading without the need to request quotes at real-time streaming prices.
• Low spreads from 2 points for base currencies and cross currency quotes; choice of 60 currency pairs.
• MetaTrader 4 trading platform.
• Mobile Trading from a PDA or smartphone, Multiterminal.
• Minimum deposit of 300 US dollars or equivalent.
• Minimum contract amount of 10,000 units of base currency.
• Up to 1:200 leverage.
• Guaranteed execution of Take Profit orders, Stop Loss orders and Limit Orders.
• Accounts in Euro, US dollars, Russian rubles, Swiss francs or British pounds.
• 2% per annum accrued on idle deposits.
• 24-hour technical support.

Payment methods available

Credit and Debit cardsWebMoney and Bank transfer.

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